Lawn Maintenance

Steven’s Wack-n-Sack’s professionally trained staff has years of experience providing high quality lawn maintenance, guaranteeing professional grade service every time.

Steven’s Wack-n-Sack basic lawn service provides a quality cut, removing no more than one third of the grass height to protect the health of your lawn. We use a stick edger on all hard and soft scape borders, helping reduce weed/grass encroachment in beds. Professional string trimming is performed as needed. Then the job is finished with a thorough cleaning of any debris from patios, sidewalks and lawn. You will find our crews timely and efficient, giving you a worry free lawn maintenance experience. Contact us today for your FREE ESTIMATE.

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Steven’s Wack-n-Sack Inc. and its professional staff have the vision, equipment, and expertise to make your outdoors come to life. From design to install to maintenance we have what it takes to make your outdoor experience beautiful and relaxing.

Our landscape designer will design your dreams. Then, our timely efficient install crews will make it happen, while our maintenance crews will ensure that your landscapes are maintained to the highest standard for years of beauty and enjoyment.

Whatever your budget, we have a plan to make your yard great! Give us a call or click here for a free lawn evaluation and consultation.

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Turf Management

Turf Management is essential in ensuring your property looks it's best.  Sod and plant health can “Make or Break” the appearance of your home and affect its value. 

There are many things to consider in order to make the best decisions for your lawn. With Steven’s Wack-n-Sack, Inc., you’ll have the assurance that your lawn will be treated correctly with quality materials by local lawn care professionals who really care about you and your lawn.

We have developed, and use, several programs that will meet or exceed your expectations; plus,  we have the training and experience to turn your lawn into the thick, healthy turf you've always wanted!

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